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Sharing Expertise - More Than Just Two Words



"Sharing Expertise" is a promise to customers and colleagues to share medical knowledge and expertise for the benefit of health, to use this knowledge effectively and to expand it logically, consistently and with determination, in dialogue with partners.

The B. Braun brand rests on three supporting pillars: our brand values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Driving Innovation
Innovation refers to products, services and internal company processes – from a suggestion for improving the normal working day counts to developing a new product. To foster innovation, B. Braun annually rewards creative ideas with the Innovation Prize. But the brand value also finds expression in extremely modern production facilities: In the Benchmark Factory in Tuttlingen hip and knee prostheses are manufactured using highly advanced technology, and with L.I.F.E., the largest factory for infusion solutions in Europe, B. Braun is currently creating a manufacturing facility at the Melsungen company site with state of the art technology. Innovation also stands for the further development of products with which we can improve processes in hospitals or increase the safety of users and patients. In this context, for example, the clip technology of the Introcan Safety indwelling cannula protects against needlestick injuries and the infections they can cause.

Increasing Efficiency
Efficiency shows itself in modern customer  service using e-tools and electronic order  processing. In cooperation with  service providers such as Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX). B. Braun makes it possible for customers and business partners to use modern electronic communication resources simply and efficiently. B. Braun makes its own shopping and catalogue solutions available and explores new avenues with barcode scanner systems, and in so doing covers all aspects of "business to business".

Living Sustainability
B. Braun feels responsible for its employees and for the regions in which it is active. This is our understanding of sustainability. This includes environmental protection as well as financial and organisational assistance for artistic, cultural and sporting projects. B. Braun is a partner in Private Public Partnerships and supports universities, doctors and students with grants or through organising scientific events.