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Continence Care & Urology

B. Braun Urological specialities and Continence Care include sustainable advanced solutions for patient care and healthcare professionals, easy to handle, safe and painless to prevent risk of infection.

Urological Catheters

Micturition is a natural consequence of hydration. Persons who are not able to control the act of micturition (e.g. patients during/after surgical procedures or paraplegics) need to be supported by medical products which allow for hygienic drainage and collection of urine.

Urine Drainage and Urine Measurement

If urine drainage is necessary only for short time one can use a simple flexible urine bag. If it is expected to have this drainage for > 3 days a so called "closed urine drainage system with anti-reflux valve, sampling port and vented drip chamber must be used to reduce the risk of retrograde bacterial infection. If the quantity of urine has to be measured to monitor the fluid balance of an ICU patient urine measurement systems have to be applied which consist of a rigid measuring container adapted to a flexible collection bag. Accessories are needed to combine the different catheters and collection containers or to fix the containers to the bed frames.