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Infection Prevention

Old and new emerging diseases threaten nations worldwide. MDRO (Multi Drug Resistant Organisms) are an increasing public health problem. Preventive measures which stop the infection or stop cross transmission become more and more important. To ensure patient safety and safety for the health care workers, B. Braun provides tailor made safety concepts, training and a wide product range of personal protective equipment and disinfectants.

Infection Control

Our products can be divided into the following groups: Hands Washing, disinfection (alcohols, povidone-iodine and chlorhexidine) and skin care Skin Washing, disinfection, decolonisation and care (alcohols, povidone-iodine, chlorhexidine, polihexanide) Mucous membranes & wounds Wound antisepsis, disinfection (povidone-iodine and chlorhexidine) and treatment, wound irrigation and wound bed preparation Instruments Manual and machine reprocessing of surgical instruments Surfaces Cleaning and disinfection of all water-resistant surfaces Accessories We offer our customers a comprehensive range of wall-mounted dispensers, sampling aids and dosage systems. Our products meet all the requirements of modern disinfection materials.

Medical Waste Disposal

Safe management of healthcare waste helps preventing infections through needle stick injuries. Puncture resistant sharps containers according to international safety standards are efficiently contributing to a safe working environment.