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Stoma Care

Simple and convincing solutions for an optimal stoma care. B. Braun Stoma Care research aims constantly at improving the patient's quality of life on daily basis, by promoting new product technologies designed to answer: Physical needs for an optimal skin protection, insuring security and decreasing the risks of complication that can occur with a stoma. Psychological needs with a discreet device, soft and comfortable, increasing the patient's autonomy. Needs of the health care professionals in hospitals and community are also taken into account with low education and easy to handle products, offering time and cost effectivenesses. The B. Braun range is the result of close cooperation with Enterostomatherapists and Ostomates.

One-Piece System

One piece systems are often used for more comfort. In one piece systems, the skin protector is immovably attached to the pouch.

Two-Piece System

Two piece systems are often used for a quick and easy change of pouch and a long term re-use of pouch, depending on local protocols and reimbursement issues. In two pieces systems, the skin protector and the pouch are independant. They are linked via a “coupling system”.


More Comfort in Stoma Care The B Braun accessory range is aimed to help patients in the management of their stoma and to improve their quality of life.

Drainage Pouches

Drainage products are aimed to drain off any discharge which might occur close to the surgery site, to avoid any infection of the wound. They can also be used to collect effluents from fistulae.