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Skin and Wound Management

Non-healing wounds constitute a major problem for society, as they lead to social isolation of the patient, prolonged inability to work and have considerable effects on quality of life. To address this problem, B. Braun offers a well - rounded concept: Prontosan® wound - rinsing liquids and Askina® wound coverings for the care of chronic wounds enable optimal wound management to ensure rapid formation of healthy granulation tissue resulting in a complete wound closure.

Wound Bed Preparation

One of the most important principles of proper wound bed preparation is certainly wound cleansing, as only a clean wound can heal rapidly and without complications. A vital tissue such as necrosis and fibrin coating, detritus and a high bacterial load can considerably affect wound healing, resulting in stagnation of the wound healing process, the so-called “chronic” or “non-healing” wound. Only a clean wound can heal; consistent cleansing of a wound, combined with the correct application of wound coverings, leads to the successful wound healing that one expects.

Moist Wound Therapy

Healing a chronic wound requires care that is patient centered, cost effective and evidence based. In this context, moist wound therapy provides a healing environment conducive to natural healing conditions. B. Braun has developed the skills required to care for the wound and assist the body in the complex task of tissue repair. With the Askina® product range, each phase of the wound healing has an appropriate dressing, utilising different technologies. B. Braun advanced ionic silver alginate technology also provides therapeutically efficacious products that reduce bacterial load, promotes faster healing and rapidly reduce odours.