To provide quality-driven medical equipment repair and maintenance services to support the Thailand public health system

B. Braun Thailand launches Technical Service Center

To provide quality-driven medical equipment repair and maintenance services to support the Thailand public health system.

Bangkok, Thailand – 21 July, 2022 – B. Braun Thailand, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, recently inaugurated the "B. Braun Technical Service Center", which will provide high-quality medical equipment repair and maintenance services. The newly launched center aims to support the public health system of Thailand in ensuring that it will be able to provide seamless healthcare support to its citizens. The center also aligns with B. Braun’s vision to protect and improve the health of people around the world.

Leveraging the power of technology to advance healthcare
The B. Braun Technical Service Center, which is strategically located in the heart of Bangna District and can easily be accessed from within and outside Bangkok, is the latest medical equipment maintenance service center developed to help solve the current health challenges in Thailand. The center offers European-standard solutions to help ensure that the medical equipment serviced will operate at optimum levels, covering three main treatment areas including Hospital Care, Aesculap, and Avitum. The center will provide maintenance support to medical devices at hospitals including for Infusion Pump and Surgical Treatment Devices such as power systems for orthopedic and spine surgeries, as well as Kidney Treatment Devices such as dialysis and hemodialysis machines.

The skilled technicians at the B. Braun Technical Service Center have extensive working experience in hospitals and are well-equipped to handle various medical devices. All technicians are also certified by B. Braun and the certification is renewed every two years to ensure all technicians are up-to-date on the latest products available in the market. The service center offers only genuine parts from B. Braun, with technical standards of IEC 62353 for the safety and effectiveness of the repaired or used medical electrical equipment, and IEC 60601 for new equipment. This ensures that the medical devices are standardized, accurate and of high quality.


“Having people who believe in continuously improving the healthcare system and maintaining high-quality medical equipment is essential.”
B. Braun is committed to develop and advance medical devices to support the needs of the citizens of Thailand and to help improve their health. The advancement of healthcare is an ongoing effort and the need to constantly innovate and improve these systems is crucial.

Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director, B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. said, “WHO estimates that around 50% of medical equipment in developing countries is not functioning, not used correctly or optimally, and invariably not well maintained. A strong public healthcare system that contributes to the well-being of the people like in Thailand, requires high-quality medical equipment and maintenance systems. Most of the regular servicing and repairs can be handled by hospital-based staff but some technical repairs need the company’s technical know-how. B. Braun is committed to supporting and improving people's health through our innovation and high-quality maintenance services. Furthermore, having such a technical center in Thailand will significantly reduce the service turnaround time and increase efficiency in supporting the customers’ needs.”

Beyond the main role of maintaining and repairing medical equipment, the B. Braun Technical Service Center team is also committed to work with their partners to support and improve the operation of the public health systems. B. Braun is also partnering with Chulalongkorn Hospital to provide a paperless data transmission system, which allows medical and nursing staff to view and print out data directly from the hospital's data center. This will help eliminate the walking time that staff usually need to retrieve info from the device. We are also partnering with Chulalongkorn Hospital and Walailak University Hospital to build a data collection system, which allows hospitals to integrate information from different medical devices. This program will help increase the efficiency of the medical staff.

Mr. Thanormsak Chodchoung, Technical Service Manager at B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. said, “Our strength lies in a team of skilled technicians and a maintenance center with a proportional space conducive for work efficiency. We offer a state-of-the-art maintenance tracking system that provides customers with reliable access to information. Our team continues to enhance our service offerings by working closely together with our customers. Recently, we invested in an additional power system to support a reduction in equipment shipping time for repairing abroad.”

“B. Braun offers high-quality after-sales services that truly understand medical equipment users. B. Braun Technical Service Team brings consulting advice and solutions to our concerns without any delay." said Mr. Jirach Siriprompatr, Biomedical Engineer, Rajavithi Hospital.

About B. Braun
B. Braun was established in 1839 in Melsungen, Germany, and currently employs more than 66,000 people in more than 300 offices in 64 countries around the world. The B. Braun product range comprises 5,000 medical and pharmaceutical products and solutions, 95 percent of which are manufactured by the company. 

About B. Braun (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
B. Braun established a branch office in Thailand in 1989, starting with the main business of sutures, disposable medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. The company is committed to delivering effective and advanced healthcare solutions, through numerous therapeutic areas, which were designed to support doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics across the country for various treatments such as dialysis, cardiothoracic surgery, spine surgery, laparoscopic surgery, general surgery, interventional cardiology and medical disposables and equipment’s for ICUs and wards.