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B. Braun Thailand and the Neurological Institute of Thailand collaborated to enhance residents’ capabilities and skill sets by sharing expertise in Neurosurgical Cadaveric Workshop through Aesculap Academy

For sharing expertise

Bangkok, Thailand – November 23, 2023 - B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd., the world’s leading medical technology headquartered in Germany, has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Neurological Institute of Thailand. Renowned for its pioneering work in neurology, the institute has been at the forefront of neurology, aiming to provide treatments for patients dealing with neurological and spine-neurosurgery issues, and neurological technology for the best treatment. This collaborative effort signifies a significant stride in education, driven by a shared commitment to enhancing the skills and expertise of healthcare professionals. It reflects a collective dedication to advancing knowledge and proficiency, highlighting a mutual commitment to the continuous improvement of healthcare education. The MoU was officially signed by Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director of B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd., Dr. Tanin Vechapinan, M.D., Director of Neurological Institute of Thailand, and Dr. Teera Tangviriyapaiboon, M.D., Head of Spine Centre of Excellence – NIT.

The partnership’s key focus is to bolster residents’ capabilities in Spine-Neurosurgery, with the overarching goal of improving patients’ quality of life. This involves equipping residents with practical experience in a various technique, fostering knowledge and skills in dissection and instrumentation. This initiative underscores B. Braun's unwavering commitment to "Sharing Expertise" through our Aesculap Academy, a renowned medical education arm dedicated to bolstering the competencies of healthcare professionals.

Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director, B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. said,

"We are privileged to collaborate with NIT in furthering its Neurosurgical Cadaveric Workshop and training program. Our steadfast dedication to knowledge sharing and expertise remains paramount in our endeavors. Acknowledging NIT's remarkable contributions to neurological and spine-neurosurgery, we wholeheartedly applaud their efforts in providing essential skills to elevate residents' competencies in safeguarding and enhancing public health. Moreover, this partnership exemplifies a lasting commitment to higher education initiatives championed by our Aesculap Academy, which has consistently committed to fostering resource development within the healthcare sector."

Asst. Prof. Thanin Wechapinan, M.D., Director of Neurological Institute of Thailand said,

“The MOU Partner Collaboration between the Neurological Institute of Thailand, B. Braun, and the Aesculap Academy has fostered long-term connections and work relationships among us. In the spirit of friendship and mutual interest in cooperation to share knowledge, skills, and create educational materials and resources, this project not only signifies our commitment to fostering strong diplomatic ties but also highlights our shared dedication to advancing healthcare and medical education.”

The officially signing ceremony event was honored by representatives from the Neurological Institute of Thailand and management team from B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd., this is reaffirming our commitment toward vision “To protect and improve the health of people around the world”.

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